Debunking The Top Three Myths About Pure CBD For Sale

During the recent years, there is a growing interest on the medicinal properties of cannabidiol or CBD. Its supposed virtues has been greatly extolled by those who peddle CBD for sale. This is further shown by an increasing number of pure CBD for sale, both in the physical market and online.

Though there are several high quality research material that strongly supports some of seemingly outrageous claims, CBD is far from being the miracle drug that those unscrupulous sellers tell their naive clients. Here are some of the most popular myths regarding CBD oil for sale online.

  1. When you look for CBD oil for sale, you should purchase one that has zero THC.

CBD and THC are two of the most active phytocannabinoid extract in cannabis, albeit with a very neurological effect on the body. This is because each are targeting a different receptor in the brain. This is why the use of THC can be habit-forming while using CBD is not. Since this is the case, some sellers of CBD for sale online would conveniently neglect (or even falsely claim) that they have zero THC.

In real life, it is not that easy to separate CBD from THC since these two are often working in synergy. For another, THC has its own set of therapeutic effects that it would be a shame to simply discard it as the “bad cannabinoid”. Even the government recognizes that a value of 0.3% THC is legally acceptable. Unfortunately, a CBD-rich product with low THC might not be as effective for some people who went to buy CBD oil for anxiety for sale.

  1. The best CBD for sale is pharmaceutical grade.

Of course, there’s a plus side to using a drug that is FDA-approved. However, the debate that Pharmaceutical is way better than directly using the medicinal plant from which it came from is still very much ongoing with both sides giving strong scientific support to back its own theories. Suffice to say, there’s still a lot of study to be conducted for the above statement to be deemed true.

  1. CBD is legal anywhere in the U.S.

Perhaps, the biggest misconception that beginners have on purchasing CBD oil for pain for sale is that it can be legally bought anywhere in all 50 states as long as the THC content as below 0.3%. While it’s true that the law seem more lax on CBD oil compared to, say medical marijuana, the law isn’t that simple.

For one, the federal law prohibits the cultivation of cannabis or hemp as a commercial crop but would allow the importation of low-THC industrial hemp products as long as it is derived from the seed or stalk of the plant. However, the extraction process itself is complicated and it would be near impossible to squeeze CBD from any part other than the plant’s flowers and leaves (and to a minor extent, its stalks). Thus, most CBD hemp oils for sale have hemp seeds as its source to follow the law.

This is why the strong proponents of CBD are pushing for a change in the legislation of Controlled Substances that the ban from importing foreign industrial hemp from leaves and flowers be lifted. If successful, then the above statement will be true in all accounts.