More information here about CBD for dogs: Benefits and Dosage


CBD compound is non-toxic and will not cause an overdose. Dog owners should pay attention because more information here is presented! They should know the benefits the CBD compound can offer which include:

  • Effective painkiller

Studies showed that consumption of the CBD compound increases the chemical anandamide which helps reduce pain signals that are brought to the brain hence upon use, the dog will feel fewer pain sensations.

  • Anticonvulsant

The CBD compound helps in controlling seizures, tremors, and spasms experienced by your pet.

  • Stress reliever

Consumption of the CBD compound will help dogs reduce their anxiety and stress level, therefore, reducing the symptoms such as persistent barking, chewing, urinating, aggression and tremors.

  • Antiemetic

The CBD compound is found to be very useful in controlling nausea and vomiting while simulating appetite specifically in dogs that undergo treatments like chemotherapy.

  • Anticancer effects

Recent studies showed that CBD compound could help in slowing the growth and spread of cancer and reduce the size of the tumor.

  • Promotes homeostasis

Dog owners also use CBD products as a supplement for their dogs because it supports homeostasis for their dogs. It helps in balancing any irregularities in their pets’ systems.


Each brand of CBD products offers different dosage per serving. Dosage for each pet also varies according to their sizes. Since CBD products are used by dog owners to treat the ailments their pets have, the dosage of these products varies according to illnesses their pets suffer. Dosage for each CBD product:

  • oil

This CBD product comes in drops. In the average, 2-4 drops should be consumed and should be done 2-4 times daily.

  • Capsules

CBD Capsules usually contain 150-200 mg of hemp extract. One tablet should be taken 1-2 times daily.

  • Treats

CBD treats contain different amounts of CBD compound hence dog owners should consult the package instructions on to how much CBD treats they will give to their pets.